Top Buys for your Home


    I wanted to share with you some of the great little finds I found while browsing online. I've been wanting to update my interior and do it cheap this time. One easy way of updating or refreshing your room is buying some cheap items that stand out and rearrange them to fit the other items you already have.
    Top Buys for your Home
    There is rule to that: Don't overdue it! So here is the tip of the day A general rule I try to live buy, yes try, it's not always easy, actually it is very hard. If your room is already decorated and you want to change the look, for every item you bring in, one of the old items must go. I know it's hard. I literally struggle with this every time I buy something, but I'd rather have fewer decoration items rather than a cluttered home with decor that does not go together at all.
    So here is whats on my wishlist! Let me know what you think!
    Clear Glass Vase with writing - $7.95
    Green Glass Vase - $4.95
    Small wooden box - !12.95
    Throw with Metallic Finish - $59.95
    All the items above is found at

    -xo Abella

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