Spring Feeling
    How to make your patio ready for summer!

    Its finally spring and my fingers are itching to make my house feel like spring. I am not sure if my house can ever feel like spring, but when the sun is shining and the temperature is rising its time to be outside, I mean your change from winter clothes to spring clothes, so why not change your patio from winter to spring. Sooo, it is time to make your patio feel like spring!
    The first thing is to clean, bring out your patio furniture and clean it so its dust and cobweb free. If you are in the market for some new outdoor furniture there are several places where they have affordable and gorgeous. When your clean furniture is in place make sure to add fluffy pillows, blankets and furs. This will definitely make your patio homey and ready to be used after a long winter.

    Second thing you can do is buy some new flowers and plant them. Flowers in pots are not only pretty, but you get to spend some time outside planting them too. It is great for the eyes and the mind ☺. And best thing is that planting does not have to be expensive, it can be, but you can find both pots and flowers cheap, so if you are thinking that you have to spend a lot of money on your spring ready patio, don’t! (Shot me an email if you are interested in some suggestions on stores or even how to rearrange your patio furniture.)

    Third thing you can do is put up some lights, you might even have some string lights left over from the holidays or you can buy a pack at homedepot for $9.98 of cafe string light and they are gorgeous. Click here if you want to buy the lights. I just love the lights they give and it will make any patio charming and cozy. And don’t forget about the candles. There is nothing I love more than candles, and they create the perfect mood for any patio.
    So if you are like me ready to use your outdoor space, three easy steps can make your patio feel like new. Clean furniture and patio, plant some flowers and light everything up with some candles and string lights. Let me know what you did and send me a picture! --xo Abella

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