In this perfect summer weather the timing is perfect to share my Mojito recipe with you. At the moment I am in Norway on vacation and we are having some awesome weather here in May which might not always be the case in Norway. On our vacations we always have a few drinks, and mojito is a great one to enjoy on any summer day or any day really! Enough said this Mojito speaks for itself ;)
    Here it is!


    Serves 1
    4 Oz Rum (light rum)
    2 Oz Elderflower Liqueur (I love the taste of this liquere and it is perfect in this drink)
    Mint Leaves
    1/2 Lime
    Brown Sugar
    Club Soda


    1. Squeeze the lime over the mint leaves in a bowl. Leave the lime in the bowl aswell. Add the brown sugar, I would start with a 1/2 tsp and if its not sweet enough for your taste you can add more, but the liqueur also has a sweet taste so be careful adding to much.
    2. Muddle the three ingredients; mint leaves, sugar and lime. Once the brown sugar are starting to disapere then its done.
    3. Fill a short glass with ice, add the Rum and Elderflower liqueur and the lime/mint mix you just made over. If you don't have enough mix add a splash of club soda to get a little fizz
    4. Add some mint leaves on top for garnish and you are set to drink your well deserved Mojito! xo.abella

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