At the moment I am in love with that “old” look. Unfortunately it is usually more expensive to buy furniture and things that is old. But I will show you how to make 2″by 4″ ‘s from Home Depot look like 50-year-old reclaimed wood.
    I had my dad make me a console table. I wanted it rough and harsh looking so after he made it I ding it up on the edges for that old look.
    So all the wood that made this console table is 2″by4″s and 4″by4″s from Home Depot. The top is a cut out piece of plywood. So in other words very cheap materials.
    You will need four things for the finish:
    1)White Vinegar
    2) Steel wool
    3) A Glass Jar
    4) Varathane Sunbleached Wood Stain from Home Depot
    I went to the dollar store close to me and purchased white vinegar, steel wool and a glass jar (make sure it seals good).
    So a couple of days before you want to use the finish, fill your glass jar with white vinegar and put steel wool in it. Just remember to cover the steel wool with vinegar. And then that mix is done. Just let it sit for at least two days. It is the steel wool that will make the color. And don’t worry if the vinegar after two days don’t have any color, it’s not before you put it on the wood it will show.
    Before putting the vinegar on the wood I put on that Varathane Sunbleached Wood Stain from Home Depot. If you just put the vinegar straight on the wood it gets very dark so therefore I put something in between to make a barrier.
    I use a rag to put the stain on the wood, and after it sits on for 30 seconds I take of the extra stain. You will immediately see that the wood gets a sun-bleached color.
    After that its time for the vinegar! On the pictures below you”ll see the big difference when you put on the vinegar. It goes from light to dark in a few seconds.
    It only takes minutes for the vinegar to dry. Remember it gets darker with time and the more layers of vinegar you put on the darker it will get. But try to be patient, so it doesn’t get too dark.

    So there you have it. A cheap and easy to make new wood look like reclaimed wood. Of course you can use this mix on any wood. If you do try another kind of wood, try it out on a smaller piece first. It will look slightly different on each wood type:)
    Here is my final product. I’m very happy with how it turned out:)

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