What you need:

    1) A frame with glass or mirror
    2) Paint for the wood (optional)
    3) Blue or yellow masking tape
    4) Buff pad or Sand Paper
    5) Chalkboard Paint

    If you like I need to update the frame first, you need to use a buff-pad to lightly sand the wood. Second – I am going to brush paint the frame(If you don’t need to do this – jump to the next step).

    After it is sanded I mask of the mirror. When the whole mirror is masked off I paint the frame.

    Just a few minutes after I am finished painting the frame you have to pull the blue tape off, this is because the paint gets hard really fast and the end might chip and you won't get a straigth paint line.
    Step three its time to make a chalkboard! When you spray the mirror you are going to get some over-spray so cover everything on the frame you don’t want any paint on. If you decide on brush painting it might still be smart to mask off the wood frame if you don’t have a very steady hand.

    After you have sprayed on the chalkboard paint, let it dry for a few minutes then pull the masking tape of. You don’t want it to dry completely because it will make it hard to get a nice line between the chalkboard and wood. Voila! Easy little project!

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