This is such a fun and easy DIY! Having your own herb garden. You only need a few pots or one big one, and a few dollars to buy some small herbs and lets get diggin'.
I went to a local farmers market and bought a few small terracotta pots. I had some soil on hand and I bought a few different herbs, my favorites are basil, rosemary, dill, cilantro and parsely. There are so many options, and it is so much fun to grow something yourself. And it looks gorgeous on the kitchen counter or your patio table. You can easily have a few pots and herbs growing within a couple days and for less than $10.00.

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As I have mentioned I am a total thrift-store lover. I check regularly to try and find that great deal on mostly furniture or decor. And i have lucked out a few times due to my persistence. This time I found a hutch, I believe it used to have glass doors, but only the wood frame on the doors remained. Lucky for me I had another thing in mind and got the china-hutch for a bargain price of $35. This was such a steal, but I think most people saw it useless without the glass doors. So I decided what color I wanted to paint it, glossy black!
First you have to sand it and make it ready for the primer paint. This is always the worst step I think, because it is messy and hard work, and I know a lot of people skip this step, but dont! The paint will stick to the wood so much better and longer. On this hutch my first coat of the paint was a dark gray primer to make the paint really stay on there. I knew I wanted to use this hutch for all my wine glasses and my decor, so a good sanding and primer is not going to make the paint chip however many times I take the glasses and cups out and in. 
Step by step: 
1. Sand thourogly
2. Use primer as your first coat, try and find a color that is close to the final paint color. 
3. Paint the final coat. You might have to have to do two coats, depending on how thick your first coat is. You'll decide and see. Luckily the third coat goes a lot quicker than the first or second!
4. Let it completely dry before you place anything inside of it. I would say 24 hours for the paint to really get hard, and so none of your things gets stuck.

So, I told you that there was no glass in the doors, in Norway the use chicken wire as the glass, and the look is very rustic meets classy with the glossy black. So I went online to find the cheapest chicken wire I could find, I ended up on amazon and it has 1" holes in the wire. I layed the doors on the floor and stapled the chicken wire to the wood frame. I was able to get it pretty thight without anyones help, but it probably would be easier if your friend helped you with that step.. Or all of them ;) 
So here you go, easy trick to use if you don't have money to buy glass doors. I absolutely love the look! What about you? xo.Abella

Pallet Love! Who would have thought that you can do so many different things with them? You can make tables, sofas, chairs, shelves and use them as a headboard! I had seen a similar idea on Pinterest, so when I had two pallets left over I knew what I wanted to do with them. If you can't tell I am a huge fan of overly rustic looking things and reclaimed wood, I love mixing the modern look with the classic, but overall there is nothing I love more than being able to make something myself, or put my look on something. There is a reason why I am a regular at all the thrift stores because I am always looking for a nice piece of furniture or decor item that I can fix and make it exactly how I want it. And guess what you can't beat the price! Of course it does take time, so I call it my hobby. Other people enjoy sport or drawing or relaxing in the sun, while I am always in the look-out for my next project. It is just that little effort that makes your home so YOU when you are able to put your own touch on it. Either way, this article is a do-it-yourself article and so easy!

Again you need to find the pallets which in making this headboard will be the hardest, and lets admit if you really put your mind to it you can easily find some free pallets somewhere, either a store or a grocery store, basically anywhere they have shipments. My friend went looking for them one night and they were everywhere she said when you started looking for them. So if you can find some in pretty good shape, it doesn't matter if they are a little rough looking and not in perfect condition that will make them look even better. So ones you have the pallets, clean them good outside, I recommend hosing them down so all the dirt and dust is gone. Let them air dry for a day or two, until they are completely dry and ready to be taken inside. If your pallets are a nice color you are all good to go for the next step. But if you feel like a different color, here's what I did: I laid them outside on a blanket, I bought some spray cans at the local hardware store, I went with white, and I sprayed one coat. To be able to cover the pallet I would have to spray it a few times, but I liked the look of just one coat so I just did one. And voila, the painting is done. Get some help from your friend and carry the pallets to the bedroom that you are going to use the pallets in, place them behind the bed and this DIY project is done! This is why I LOVE pallets!! xo Abella
Pallet Headboard

Pallet table -
The easiest table you will ever make!

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I have seen a lot of people do IKEA hacks on Pinterest, so I decided to try it myself. It is such a great idea, because IKEA has some decent priced furniture and home decor, but maybe not exactly your style. If you buy a piece of furniture cheap, or already have something in your home that you are tired of why don't hack it and get a new look? The hard part may even be finding the right product at IKEA that you want to hack, because there is so many!!
When my husband and I bought our house in 2012 we redid the kitchen, and since we had so many windows in our kitchen we did not really have room for the cabinets above the counter. Then we thought why not install some shelves, so that's were my IKEA hack comes in. I found some shelves at IKEA with brackets for cheap, so I figured these shelves were a great starting point for me to redo them, because I liked the style but the color of the wood was just plain, so why not change the color! This is not a very hard hack, its basically just painting and if you need to you can cut the length of the shelf. IKEA already had two widths for the shelf so you can basically fit them anywhere.
Below you can see the first few steps

The next step might seem odd, and this was the first time for me, but I used coffee grounds to get that old reclaimed look. I could have stopped after the gray paint, but I had a image in my mind and I had heard that your left over coffee grounds will create the perfect brownish color so with a the gray undertone it will look like reclaimed wood! And it did:)
Look at the difference between just the paint and and applying the coffee-grounds. It is pretty amazing that it makes such a strong color. I figure using what comes from the earth could not hurt to put in your house. And if you are thinking, why don't skip the painting-part of this diy project, you can! I actually did that with the shelves in my bathroom and they turned out brown. Gorgeous, but the look is a little different from the reclaimed look I went for here. I am working on that post so it will definitely be up on my blog soon so check back, and I will link it to this post.
Let me know how YOUR shelves turn out if you try this hack, or if you have another project in mind send us a picture, I would love to see it. xo. abella

So I got an old coffee table from my mother in-law after we moved in our newly bought house. She found it at a yard sale for really cheap, so she just had to buy it. As soon as I saw it was obvious that it needed some desperate work to move it from that 80’s shiny mahogany-look and in to my house.

Don’t get me wrong I can appreciate a nice piece of furniture as it is but this one had seen better days with paint and oil stains all over. So time for remodel.
If you are like me that enjoy finding cheap furniture at yard sales or used furniture stores the best thing is to look for those details that you like. I found my gorgeous black Armoire at a second hand store and I fell in love with the details (check it out!). The color you can change, but not the style. Well this coffee table had some gorgeous details.
First step is to sand the top until the existing finish is gone. This took a while, but thanks to my sander it was not that daunting of a task.
After the sanding I used a rag and stained the table with “sand” colored stain, you can buy it at your local hardware store.

After one coat you can tell that the table has that lighter color, even though you can still see the wood come through the stain. (I totally forgot to take a picture of this step!)Rather than pieling on stain in the first round, I suggest doing it light and if you want more color add another layer. This way you can work with your piece, instead of being stuck with that first coat
I decided that I wanted to add a little white, and I watered out some old water-based white paint I had in my garage and added a layer. A little here and there makes that table come to live. I purposely added some in the details to get that white washed effect. I am very happy with the result. Let me know if you try something similar and send me a picture, we would love to see it!


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What you need:

1) A frame with glass or mirror
2) Paint for the wood (optional)
3) Blue or yellow masking tape
4) Buff pad or Sand Paper
5) Chalkboard Paint

If you like I need to update the frame first, you need to use a buff-pad to lightly sand the wood. Second – I am going to brush paint the frame(If you don’t need to do this – jump to the next step).

After it is sanded I mask of the mirror. When the whole mirror is masked off I paint the frame.

Just a few minutes after I am finished painting the frame you have to pull the blue tape off, this is because the paint gets hard really fast and the end might chip and you won't get a straigth paint line.
Step three its time to make a chalkboard! When you spray the mirror you are going to get some over-spray so cover everything on the frame you don’t want any paint on. If you decide on brush painting it might still be smart to mask off the wood frame if you don’t have a very steady hand.

After you have sprayed on the chalkboard paint, let it dry for a few minutes then pull the masking tape of. You don’t want it to dry completely because it will make it hard to get a nice line between the chalkboard and wood. Voila! Easy little project!

At the moment I am in love with that “old” look. Unfortunately it is usually more expensive to buy furniture and things that is old. But I will show you how to make 2″by 4″ ‘s from Home Depot look like 50-year-old reclaimed wood.
I had my dad make me a console table. I wanted it rough and harsh looking so after he made it I ding it up on the edges for that old look.
So all the wood that made this console table is 2″by4″s and 4″by4″s from Home Depot. The top is a cut out piece of plywood. So in other words very cheap materials.
You will need four things for the finish:
1)White Vinegar
2) Steel wool
3) A Glass Jar
4) Varathane Sunbleached Wood Stain from Home Depot
I went to the dollar store close to me and purchased white vinegar, steel wool and a glass jar (make sure it seals good).
So a couple of days before you want to use the finish, fill your glass jar with white vinegar and put steel wool in it. Just remember to cover the steel wool with vinegar. And then that mix is done. Just let it sit for at least two days. It is the steel wool that will make the color. And don’t worry if the vinegar after two days don’t have any color, it’s not before you put it on the wood it will show.
Before putting the vinegar on the wood I put on that Varathane Sunbleached Wood Stain from Home Depot. If you just put the vinegar straight on the wood it gets very dark so therefore I put something in between to make a barrier.
I use a rag to put the stain on the wood, and after it sits on for 30 seconds I take of the extra stain. You will immediately see that the wood gets a sun-bleached color.
After that its time for the vinegar! On the pictures below you”ll see the big difference when you put on the vinegar. It goes from light to dark in a few seconds.
It only takes minutes for the vinegar to dry. Remember it gets darker with time and the more layers of vinegar you put on the darker it will get. But try to be patient, so it doesn’t get too dark.

So there you have it. A cheap and easy to make new wood look like reclaimed wood. Of course you can use this mix on any wood. If you do try another kind of wood, try it out on a smaller piece first. It will look slightly different on each wood type:)
Here is my final product. I’m very happy with how it turned out:)

When we first bought our house we needed to basically redo everything in the house. We moved walls, painted and laid new floors throughout the whole house. As these projects are of the major kind, I took care of smaller things in the house like – the remodel of an old red bricked fireplace.
I love the old look, and wanted our house to have that old charm even though its not that old.

We started with mixing concrete to hide that white/yellow painted grout line that was just so 60’s. My mother in-law helped me as she has a strong arm and I had never done this before.

Then we sanded some of the brick to get some different colors and brough some of that old red color through.. A little red is good!

Last step was to paint the inside of the fireplace, I did not want that white/yellow color to show anymore. I masked off the brick so I would not get any over-spray on the newly done finish. I found a black paint spray can at my local hardware store, and you might want to get the kind of paint that is heat resistant if you are going to use your fireplace like we are going to.
Make sure you spray until its completely black so that old painted color won’t pop through after a year or two of using the fireplace.

So now we have a new “old” fireplace in our house to add a little charm. Perfect!