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As I have mentioned I am a total thrift-store lover. I check regularly to try and find that great deal on mostly furniture or decor. And i have lucked out a few times due to my persistence. This time I found a hutch, I believe it used to have glass doors, but only the wood frame on the doors remained. Lucky for me I had another thing in mind and got the china-hutch for a bargain price of $35. This was such a steal, but I think most people saw it useless without the glass doors. So I decided what color I wanted to paint it, glossy black!
First you have to sand it and make it ready for the primer paint. This is always the worst step I think, because it is messy and hard work, and I know a lot of people skip this step, but dont! The paint will stick to the wood so much better and longer. On this hutch my first coat of the paint was a dark gray primer to make the paint really stay on there. I knew I wanted to use this hutch for all my wine glasses and my decor, so a good sanding and primer is not going to make the paint chip however many times I take the glasses and cups out and in. 
Step by step: 
1. Sand thourogly
2. Use primer as your first coat, try and find a color that is close to the final paint color. 
3. Paint the final coat. You might have to have to do two coats, depending on how thick your first coat is. You'll decide and see. Luckily the third coat goes a lot quicker than the first or second!
4. Let it completely dry before you place anything inside of it. I would say 24 hours for the paint to really get hard, and so none of your things gets stuck.

So, I told you that there was no glass in the doors, in Norway the use chicken wire as the glass, and the look is very rustic meets classy with the glossy black. So I went online to find the cheapest chicken wire I could find, I ended up on amazon and it has 1" holes in the wire. I layed the doors on the floor and stapled the chicken wire to the wood frame. I was able to get it pretty thight without anyones help, but it probably would be easier if your friend helped you with that step.. Or all of them ;) 
So here you go, easy trick to use if you don't have money to buy glass doors. I absolutely love the look! What about you? xo.Abella

Pallet Love! Who would have thought that you can do so many different things with them? You can make tables, sofas, chairs, shelves and use them as a headboard! I had seen a similar idea on Pinterest, so when I had two pallets left over I knew what I wanted to do with them. If you can't tell I am a huge fan of overly rustic looking things and reclaimed wood, I love mixing the modern look with the classic, but overall there is nothing I love more than being able to make something myself, or put my look on something. There is a reason why I am a regular at all the thrift stores because I am always looking for a nice piece of furniture or decor item that I can fix and make it exactly how I want it. And guess what you can't beat the price! Of course it does take time, so I call it my hobby. Other people enjoy sport or drawing or relaxing in the sun, while I am always in the look-out for my next project. It is just that little effort that makes your home so YOU when you are able to put your own touch on it. Either way, this article is a do-it-yourself article and so easy!

Again you need to find the pallets which in making this headboard will be the hardest, and lets admit if you really put your mind to it you can easily find some free pallets somewhere, either a store or a grocery store, basically anywhere they have shipments. My friend went looking for them one night and they were everywhere she said when you started looking for them. So if you can find some in pretty good shape, it doesn't matter if they are a little rough looking and not in perfect condition that will make them look even better. So ones you have the pallets, clean them good outside, I recommend hosing them down so all the dirt and dust is gone. Let them air dry for a day or two, until they are completely dry and ready to be taken inside. If your pallets are a nice color you are all good to go for the next step. But if you feel like a different color, here's what I did: I laid them outside on a blanket, I bought some spray cans at the local hardware store, I went with white, and I sprayed one coat. To be able to cover the pallet I would have to spray it a few times, but I liked the look of just one coat so I just did one. And voila, the painting is done. Get some help from your friend and carry the pallets to the bedroom that you are going to use the pallets in, place them behind the bed and this DIY project is done! This is why I LOVE pallets!! xo Abella
Pallet Headboard

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