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So I got an old coffee table from my mother in-law after we moved in our newly bought house. She found it at a yard sale for really cheap, so she just had to buy it. As soon as I saw it was obvious that it needed some desperate work to move it from that 80’s shiny mahogany-look and in to my house.

Don’t get me wrong I can appreciate a nice piece of furniture as it is but this one had seen better days with paint and oil stains all over. So time for remodel.
If you are like me that enjoy finding cheap furniture at yard sales or used furniture stores the best thing is to look for those details that you like. I found my gorgeous black Armoire at a second hand store and I fell in love with the details (check it out!). The color you can change, but not the style. Well this coffee table had some gorgeous details.
First step is to sand the top until the existing finish is gone. This took a while, but thanks to my sander it was not that daunting of a task.
After the sanding I used a rag and stained the table with “sand” colored stain, you can buy it at your local hardware store.

After one coat you can tell that the table has that lighter color, even though you can still see the wood come through the stain. (I totally forgot to take a picture of this step!)Rather than pieling on stain in the first round, I suggest doing it light and if you want more color add another layer. This way you can work with your piece, instead of being stuck with that first coat
I decided that I wanted to add a little white, and I watered out some old water-based white paint I had in my garage and added a layer. A little here and there makes that table come to live. I purposely added some in the details to get that white washed effect. I am very happy with the result. Let me know if you try something similar and send me a picture, we would love to see it!



I think we can all feel that the spring is upon us, and therefore this Strawberry Jalapeno Cocktail will help you get that summer feeling. It's is packed with refreshing flavors like jalapeno and strawberries, mix them together in a drink for that spicy and sweet effect. I am in love. Please give it a try before you say no, and I believe that your answer will be "One more" after you try it! :) No in all seriousness, this refreshing cocktail with fresh fruit and a little hint of spice, is perfect for that summer party or in my vocabulary -- any summer day.

Here it is:

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