How to distress furniture in 3 easy steps!

    You might think that distressing furniture is a long project and would take a long time, but there are many ways to do it -- and the one I did on my Armoire is quick and over in 3 steps. So if you have anything in your house, or maybe find from a used store or yard sale that you don't necessarily like the color on, try this method -- you'll be surprised over how quick you will have updated furniture in your house!

    1.  Gather what you will need:

    Paint (I would recommend water based)
    Paint brush
    Sanding paper, (if you have a machine this step will go even quicker)
    Some cotton rags (you can use an old t-shirt)
    A container to mix the paint in

    2. Sand your piece of furniture.

    Even if its only natural wood or if its painted I would sand it thoroughly, because the new paint will look better and hold longer. This is the messiest part, but it will be worth it in the end when your piece don't start chipping paint after a year.


    3. Paint!

    I went with white because I already had some left over in my garage, but you can choose whatever color you want from the paint store. There's lots to choose from and make sure you know if you want glossy or not.
    Get a container ready, you are gonna mix some paint with water to make the paint thinner. A 1/4 part water should be sufficient. Mix it well. Use the paint brush to apply paint on your piece of furniture, do it in sections.
    The most important part is that the paint doesn't dry out because you want to wipe up most of it with a rag. How long you have before it dries out depends on how much water you mixed in the paint. You can repeat this step as many times as you want to get the desired color. For me one time was perfect!
    I love how is easy and quick this was. I am super happy with the result.

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