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I have seen a lot of people do IKEA hacks on Pinterest, so I decided to try it myself. It is such a great idea, because IKEA has some decent priced furniture and home decor, but maybe not exactly your style. If you buy a piece of furniture cheap, or already have something in your home that you are tired of why don't hack it and get a new look? The hard part may even be finding the right product at IKEA that you want to hack, because there is so many!!
When my husband and I bought our house in 2012 we redid the kitchen, and since we had so many windows in our kitchen we did not really have room for the cabinets above the counter. Then we thought why not install some shelves, so that's were my IKEA hack comes in. I found some shelves at IKEA with brackets for cheap, so I figured these shelves were a great starting point for me to redo them, because I liked the style but the color of the wood was just plain, so why not change the color! This is not a very hard hack, its basically just painting and if you need to you can cut the length of the shelf. IKEA already had two widths for the shelf so you can basically fit them anywhere.
Below you can see the first few steps

The next step might seem odd, and this was the first time for me, but I used coffee grounds to get that old reclaimed look. I could have stopped after the gray paint, but I had a image in my mind and I had heard that your left over coffee grounds will create the perfect brownish color so with a the gray undertone it will look like reclaimed wood! And it did:)
Look at the difference between just the paint and and applying the coffee-grounds. It is pretty amazing that it makes such a strong color. I figure using what comes from the earth could not hurt to put in your house. And if you are thinking, why don't skip the painting-part of this diy project, you can! I actually did that with the shelves in my bathroom and they turned out brown. Gorgeous, but the look is a little different from the reclaimed look I went for here. I am working on that post so it will definitely be up on my blog soon so check back, and I will link it to this post.
Let me know how YOUR shelves turn out if you try this hack, or if you have another project in mind send us a picture, I would love to see it. xo. abella


The perfect treat on any day!

Spring 2014 my husband and I decided to try the Paleo diet of various reasons, clean our bodies, trying to stay away from alcohol and mostly just because I was curious I dragged my husband into this as well:) I must say that I have never felt so comfortable in my own body, I did not loose any weight, neither was that my goal, but I slept better, had more energy, no sugar cravings and the food is delicious. So I want to share one of my Paleo Muffin recipes because it is delicious. So delicious my husband did not even notice that they were "healthy" muffins! So if you have a husband or kids that needs some sweets, this is an awesome recipe, and it will definitely stop that sweet craving we all get!

Here it is!


Makes 12 medium cupcakes
1 Cup Almond Flour
1 Count Pumpkin Pure (18 oz)
1 Tbsp Coconut Oil, melted
4 Eggs
1/3 Cup Honey
1/2 Tsp Baking Soda
1/2 Tsp Baking Powder
1/4 Cup Shredded Coconut
1/4-1/2 Cup Coconut Milk

1/4 Tsp Salt
1/4 Tsp Cloves
1/2 Tsp Pumkin Spice
1/2 Tsp ground Nutmeg
1 Tsp Cinnamon

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So I got an old coffee table from my mother in-law after we moved in our newly bought house. She found it at a yard sale for really cheap, so she just had to buy it. As soon as I saw it was obvious that it needed some desperate work to move it from that 80’s shiny mahogany-look and in to my house.

Don’t get me wrong I can appreciate a nice piece of furniture as it is but this one had seen better days with paint and oil stains all over. So time for remodel.
If you are like me that enjoy finding cheap furniture at yard sales or used furniture stores the best thing is to look for those details that you like. I found my gorgeous black Armoire at a second hand store and I fell in love with the details (check it out!). The color you can change, but not the style. Well this coffee table had some gorgeous details.
First step is to sand the top until the existing finish is gone. This took a while, but thanks to my sander it was not that daunting of a task.
After the sanding I used a rag and stained the table with “sand” colored stain, you can buy it at your local hardware store.

After one coat you can tell that the table has that lighter color, even though you can still see the wood come through the stain. (I totally forgot to take a picture of this step!)Rather than pieling on stain in the first round, I suggest doing it light and if you want more color add another layer. This way you can work with your piece, instead of being stuck with that first coat
I decided that I wanted to add a little white, and I watered out some old water-based white paint I had in my garage and added a layer. A little here and there makes that table come to live. I purposely added some in the details to get that white washed effect. I am very happy with the result. Let me know if you try something similar and send me a picture, we would love to see it!



I think we can all feel that the spring is upon us, and therefore this Strawberry Jalapeno Cocktail will help you get that summer feeling. It's is packed with refreshing flavors like jalapeno and strawberries, mix them together in a drink for that spicy and sweet effect. I am in love. Please give it a try before you say no, and I believe that your answer will be "One more" after you try it! :) No in all seriousness, this refreshing cocktail with fresh fruit and a little hint of spice, is perfect for that summer party or in my vocabulary -- any summer day.

Here it is:


2 oz tequila/vodka
1 1/2 oz orange liquor
1 oz lime juice
1 Strawberry, chopped
1-3 slices of jalapeno(it depends on how spicy you want it)


Add the chopped strawberries and jalapeno slices to your shaker, muddle well until you can see the juices come out. When its all muddled, add tequila/vodka, orange liquor, limejuice and ice. Shake well. Then pore everything the glass of your choice, and get all the bits and pieces of the fruit with it.


Serrano Ruccola Bluecheese Salad -- Heavenly Delicious

It’s the middle of March and we can feel the spring coming, it’s the smell, the fresh crisp air and finally longer days. This salad is the perfect Spring salad, very easy and quick to make. It goes great as a side, but filling enough to be its own meal. I personally are in love with this salad, I basically had it every other day for a week now. Here it is:

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Make your own Linen Headboard

This was such a fun project, time consuming but not to hard, and the end result is so worth every second spent. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, why don't take on the challenge and make a custom headboard just for you? You get to choose your own fabric and buttons, the only limitation you have is your imagination -- and your budget ;)
Restoration Hardware and their awesome headboards inspired me, so I went with the classic linen fabric to get that timeless classy look.

First you will need to measure how long and tall your headboard needs to be to cover the end of the bed. I have a king bed and I found that 6ft long and 4ft high would be perfect for my bedroom and me.
I used a piece of plywood for the headboard

I measured the height of the bottom of the plywood to the bottom of the floor to get the headboard to be 4ft tall.

After legs were screwed on, I measured out where the buttons should be and counting how many buttons I wanted on the headboard. This is totally up to your preference, and it needs a steady hand and logic because if you get the holes wrong you buttons will not be in order. Don’t worry its not that hard!

You need foam and padding to make that headboard soft and inviting. Both you can buy at your local fabric store, but foam is really pricy. They sell it by the yard and you unfortunately need a lot of it to cover your whole piece of plywood. If you are not willing to spend the money, (like I was) I researched the internet and found that some have used a foam mattress instead. It is not as thick and nice, but will do the trick. So I went for that and bought the padding. Which ended up being a lot cheaper even with all the coupons I could find.

You need to spray your piece of plywood with adhesive spray before you lay the foam on top. This step is important, because the next step of stapling on the padding is going to be really hard if the foam keeps falling off, because you will have to turn your headboard around 180 degrees.

When your piece of plywood is upside down and the padding is under, try and pull the padding to make sure you don’t have any wrinkles. I know this is hard because the foam and padding stick to each other like crazy, but try the best you can.
Its time to staple that padding! Staple the edges of the plywood; I started with just a few on each side to make it secure and then I just kept on stapling until I thought it was enough.

I actually ended up using two layers of padding, which is not necessary, but if you feel like it you can.
The last step to add the fabric is exactly like the padding. I had to iron the linen first too to get all those wrinkles out.
Lay the plywood piece on top of the fabric, tighten it and staple the edges.
If you are not into buttons you can stop right here! But I love the button look, and I really wanted the buttons to match the headboard.
I was a little nervous about the button process, and let me tell you it was not the easiest! But I will tell you my mistakes so you don’t have to do them, and waste your time and effort.

So I bought the button kit online and it was fairly cheap, and surprisingly it did not take that long to put the buttons together. YAY!
Remember the holes I drilled in the headboard? Well here comes the hard part. From the back stick the needle with a thicker sting through the hole, remember to put the button on, (DON’T forget like I did more than once) and now put the needle through the same hole to tighten the button. I am not a very patient person and I had a hard time finding the hole, you would think its pretty easy but it wasn’t’ for me!
Finally all buttons are on and I need to tighten the string from the back.
I found that stapling each end of the string was the easiest way to tighten them and then tying a knot, and I tried a few different ways. So I start tightening the buttons and guess what happens, the part of the button you click on pops off the front.

I think I have just tightened that button too much, so I try the next one and same thing happens. All my buttons are popping off! I was so frustrated. But don’t do my mistake. In the button kit it does not tell you to GLUE the button together, but let me tell ya that its important! So I had no other choice than pull out all the buttons, glued the top on, let them dry for a day and then started the button process all over again. But training makes master and this time around putting the needle through the holes didn’t seem so hard… ☺

But all in all the weekend I sacrificed to do this was so well worth it! The headboard is gorgeous, and I spent under $150 to make it!


For you Tequila lovers out there, I am one of you! The traditional Cadillac Margarita is so refreshing and perfect on any day. I have a few of drinks that I make at home and I would say that the classic margarita is on my top five drinks. Yum!

Here it is:


1 oz  simple syrup
1/2 oz lime juice
1 oz Cointreau
2 oz Tequila
lime slices for garnish
coarse salt to rim the glass

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